Today - one day after Friday 13th - we'll celebrate a special of a very special Emotionist... Frenzy O.

Age: 26
Home: New York City (not in Greenwich Village) and Vienna

Let's start with an excerpt of an interview by a local news-paper (by phone), Vienna, Oct. 2013


Interviewer: First question: Why?...

Frenzy: Because of. Reasons. There are always some.

I: They call you „the strange“. Having paintings in mind like „Bondage“, „grab“ or „demons“ – how would you contradict?

F: Having questions in mind like your last how would you contradict if they call you „f*ckin’ stupid“?

I: Ok, next try: It seems that abuse and depression are your main attending ills. Should we fret about?

F: Using and abusing are the main topics in our vicous society. You should be fret about this.

I: You never approve showing pics of you...

F: They shouldn’t f*ck my face. The should f*ck my innermost. Art is more than prostitution.

I: Why did you join „The Emotionists“?

F: Why did you join this third-class news-paper?

I: Because of the money. (laughs)

F: That distinguishes me from you.

I: Not only.
The values of „The Emotionist“... Art?

F: The ability that makes me being your interviewee.

I: Provocation?

F: The ability that makes the dull listen.

I: Equality?

F: The ability that makes my clit as long as your f*cking cock.

I: Enlightenment?

F: The crass contrast to religions and governmental education. Using your own genius and your genitals would prevent war and violence.

I: Appreciation?

F: I’ll tell you more about when I experience.

I: Thanks for the conversation.


This interview never was released.